District Message

Arlington Classics Academy is excited to provide parent access to your child's grades through Parent Portal.  Communicating to our parents is a primary goal of ACA and we feel that the Parent Portal will provide an additional form of communication.  You can use the portal as often as you desire.  You can review the academic progress of your child each week of the school year.  All student grades and attendance update each night to the Parent Portal from the txGradebook.  


If you have concern over any grade that your child receives please contact your child's teacher.  If you should need further assistance beyond the teacher about your child's grades please contact the principal of the school your child attends.   


At ACA we want to build a strong and open partnership with each of our students' parents.  Please use the portal at your convenience as we work together to provide a quality education for your child.


Parent Portal Features...Student Summary Review>>>Class Schedule including Email to teachers>>>Setup&View Attendance Alert NotificationsGrade Views for Cycles & Semesters>>>Searchable Assignment Pages>>>Setup&View Alert Notifications for Grades and Attendance

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Every Day Counts---because children achieve better when they attend school all day, every day.

Every Day Counts---because going to school means getting a better chance in life.

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